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A large slate of candidates at almost every level, attended the November 8th English Rider Testing Day at Sandridge Stables. 


Congratulations To:

Krysten Chatenay                     Rider 1
Trish Newhart                          Rider 1
Elsa Jackson                             Rider 1
Cambria Leask                         Rider 1
Jordyn Shaw                            Rider 2
Miranda Epp                            Rider 2
Amberly Skubleny                   Rider 2
Helena Jackson                        Rider 2
Marie Mejia-Nychka                Rider 3
Amanda Forsyth                      Rider 3
Kelsey Cunningham                 Rider 3
Jaline Munkholm                     Rider 5
Kayla Bushell                           Rider 6
Sacha Brodie                            Rider 7
Amy West                                Rider 8


Eventing is as easy as 1-2-3!

A new introductory level of eventing is being offered at Beaumont for the first time in Alberta.  Trot-A-Trail is a beginner division of horse trials, open to those who have never evented before.  The division will be a triathlon of equestrian sports as usual, with dressage test, a cross country phase that consists of negotiating a set of numbered flags without actual obstacles, and a cross-rail type of stadium course.  Open to kids and adults alike, if you like to trot and canter on trail rides, you can do this division.  This is an excellent way for almost anyone to experience eventing for the first time and see how much fun the sport truly is! 

For those interested in the next division up, the pre-entry division cross country is only 2’3”, and consists of small logs etc.  Stadium is also at 2’3” on a simple track without combinations.

You don’t have to have a special kind of horse to event either.  Almost any kind of horse is suitable for horse trials at the lower levels.  It’s all about having fun and improving your skills and confidence.  Try it once, you’ll be hooked!!!



Spring Fever Cross Country Camp
May 24-25, 2008
Thompson Country
Rocky Mountain House

Registration Form


March 15, 2008

Well, it has been a while since my last email.  I actually have had a crazy schedule what with teaching more people at the neighbors, competing at the events and HITS, and showing and buying horses.    One of my US clients came down from Boston to look for an event horse, and happily I was able to find the perfect horse for her daughter over at Bruce Davidson’s farm.  I really enjoy helping someone find their perfect partner!

I have had the great pleasure of showing and coaching with Beth Underhill at the HITS jumper show in Ocala.  She is an excellent coach and lots of fun to work with.  Wrayna is a lovely jumper mare and we are doing the 3’6”’s this week.   I feel  very lucky to be competing on her, she is beautiful, careful and fun to ride! 

rocking horseThe final event at Rocking Horse was  last weekend and there was a trakehner (a big ditch with a log suspended over it) set up as fence 3 going away from home.  –eeeek!!!  With Banker’s dislike for ditches, I was wondering if it was even worth walking the rest of the course!  Luckily I did as he jumped it boldly and since we only had 1 stop at the hanging log he dumped me at last time, I considered it great  progress!  There was also quite a lot more to do with a coffin in combination with another jump, a bounce bank up with 3 strides to a coop and a roll top 3 strides before a drop into water with another roll top after the water on a bending line.   All things considered it was quite a stiff Training course.

He is doing better and better in dressage, and this weekend was more rideable than ever before.    Stadium was clear as usual – he hates to touch a rail.  He Is really a nice horse and just needs to be produced properly.  By the end of the summer, he will be doing Prelim. 

I wasn’t as happy with Legs’s dressage this weekend as he seemed a little more distracted in the ring by the road, but he still scored mid 30’s and placed 7th in the Open division.  On cross-country, he opened up with some wonderful jumping, but then got a bit caught in the deep footing at the base of the hanging log and had a crappy, unnecessary stop.  I just  didn’t support him enough and he got a bit stuck on the take off.  Stadium was easy for him, and he feels  almost ready to go Prelim.   At least the stop with Legs made me feel better about Banker’s stop!!

My call for help resulted in Danielle Ziehlke coming to the rescue.  She flew down just before the last event and has been a wonderful help.  I don’t know how I could have managed  without her this last week, so a big thanks to her for stepping in to help out like that.  

Evan is coming down on Tuesday, and with the competitions wrapped up, at least for me, we are meeting with our kids and grandkids to have a long-awaited family holiday during Easter week, after which  we will head home.  I am getting anxious to get back to the stable and into the home routine and lessons again.  We have a lot to look forward to this summer, with a great event calendar, rider testing, more farm improvements and lots of riding to do!  I have missed everyone and wish you could all come with me to experience the winter with your horse in Ocala.  Maybe next year! 

We will be heading home the end of March and hoping for an uneventful trip, should be back the first week of April.  See you all soon!


February 17, 2008

ocalaI am sorry to hear the weather has been so cold at home.   We have been very busy here.  The horses are doing well.  Banker upgraded at the last event, and is now a Training level horse.  I will try to send a little movie clip with this newsletter –hopefully, it comes through ok.  His dressage was quite nice –the best test he has ever done, and I was pleased with it, however, the judge did not like it as well as I did and it did not score as well as the previous event.  The cross-country went well.  He dragged me through the water where the route was actually more difficult for Training than Prelim as it was a drop over a roll top in and a bending line out.  Banker loves water!  He did have one run out at a ditch which came up quickly after a solid oxer in the trees, so it just caught him by surprise.  He is a careful horse and doesn’t like surprises!  He was clear in stadium as usual and overall did a good job of his move up to this level of increased height and difficulty. 

We have been doing lessons with Leslie Law who is the Olympic gold medalist for Eventing, which have been great.  We have also been fortunate enough to be  working with Beth Underhill in show jumping.  Wrayna, the big black Hanoverian mare, has made a good impression and been a lot of fun in those lessons.  We have gone to a couple of jumper shows to school more stadium rounds and even won a bit of money!   She is a lot of fun to jump.  Legs has just started back to work after a bit of down time for bruised heel from the first event.  He felt great yesterday and is scheduled to go Training at the event this weekend at the Florida Horse Park.  The Alberta High Performance clinic is this week as well, and he is on track for that.  Lorraine LaFramboise  will be conducting rocking horsesessions for the Alberta riders in all the disciplines (dressage, show jumping and cross country), and we have a day scheduled at Longwood on Wednesday.  That is the beautiful training center for the U.S. Equestrian Team, so we are very privileged to be able to go there. 

Teddy has been riding Gabby, and doing a super job.  He went to his first jumper show yesterday, and won several  ribbons including a 3rd in the 3’ jumper round.  At first, he was a quite nappy and didn’t want to go in the gate and leave the other horses, but we gave him a cookie after his third round while he was still in the ring, and it was like magic!  He never so much as turned an ear after that!  -marched right in every time and jumped around – all for a little cookie at the end of the round – I have never seen a horse so food oriented that one small treat completely turns his attitude around for the rest of the day!  It has not been a common training practice for me, but it sure seems to work with Gabby –so maybe I need to try it more often!!!  It was quite funny to see.

Some great news – Hannah, who has been working very hard here and doing a great job has decided to stay on with Sandridge Stables for the summer.  She is going to bring her young horse back and get him started.  I am sure everyone who knows her will be happy that she is going to be with us a little longer!

legsWhew-pretty crazy week!  From a jumper show last weekend to the Alberta High Performance Clinic this week, finishing with the Ocala Winter 2 Horse Trials, the pace never slackened.  I think I’ll change Legs’ name to Clark Kent, the mild-mannered, unassuming guy who steps into a telephone booth (aka the start box) and blazes out as Superman to do good.  Legs came back from a bit of time off due to his bruised heel and left no doubt as to his intentions to be a big time horse.  He wants to go to Rolex!  He likes to show off a bit in dressage and is then went out cross country and charged around the very big and technical Training course, having a great time and taking no notice of anything.  With one rail in show jumping, which was a pilot error and not to be blamed on the horse, we finished in 8th place in such prestigious company as Leslie Law and Darren Chiaccia.  Banker is improving in dressage as well and can look quite special.  We have been trying to find a bit he likes better than the plain snaffle.  The trouble is, he doesn’t like to be told anything, so it really doesn’t matter what bit it is!  He came out of the start box for cross country like a crazy thing and all I could do was sit there for the first half of the course. Unfortunately however, after that, he didn’t like the look of the the big hanging log down into the sunken road and we were eliminated.  He is still pretty green at the Training level  and hadn’t come across anything like that before.  A few more schoolings needed here.  We have another event this weekend upcoming so he will have a chance to redeem himself.


January 28, 2008

Well we made it through the first event.  It has been cold and rainy here – not very Florida-like.  Not that I would whine to all of you at home with the temperatures you have been enduring.  Just don’t want you to think we are whooping it up on some beach somewhere.    The first event was at Rocking Horse – near Altoona.  We get up at 5:00 or shortly afterwards in the morning -no time for breakfast, and clean stalls in the dark and load horses, drive through fog and rain with the truck defogger fan not working and the windows open to clear the windshields.  So far we are having fun!  With three horses and two students, the schedule over two days was crazy, however,  Wrayna managed to hurt her chest on a post in the paddock, so she will not be going after all and the schedule is easier, but we are disappointed.

Legs put in a good dressage test and places 4th with some nice comments from the dressage judge.  Banker’s main claim to fame was the fact that he didn’t buck during the warm up or test.  He has been very naughty since we got here and at one point it was suggested maybe we needed a cowboy and/or gun to cure him.   Many of you will remember Teddy Leatherman who came and spent about 6 weeks with us last summer.  She rode Gabby  who was  so lovely in the warm up that she anticipated a great test.  Unfortunately, he was the last horse of the day and once all the other horses  left, he suffered a herd deprivation attack and totally blew his cool!  Poor Teddy did her best, but the comment from the judges was “gamely ridden”!  Stadium jumping  saw Legs getting a bit green and taking two rails, and Banker being the star of the day with a clear round.   It was really hard  luck for Gabby to be drawn as the  last horse of the day at his very first show, and after a brilliant warm up in a group, he was alone again in the show jump field, acting out his anxiety and could not be coaxed anywhere near any of the jumps!  

Cross country the following day started in the rain again, but it tapered off before we went out and both horses went clear, so I was very pleased.   Gabby had not been allowed out on course due to not getting around show jumping, so Teddy was not very happy with him.  He is going to go to a jumper show this week to get over his little tantrums, because he showed us there is a brilliant horse in there.   

The first event now over, we have hopefully got the rust knocked off and are looking forward to even better  performances next weekend.    Gabby showed us he can be superb, we found Legs had bruised a heel, so had been a little reluctant to jump on it, while Banker has graduated to a massage therapist and chiropractor from the gun toting cowboy!  He finished 9th and Legs was 10th in very good competition.
We were lucky enough to be able to get in with Leslie Law (current Olympic Gold Medallist) for jumping lessons, so are looking forward to that this week.   We also have been invited as a member of the Alberta High Performance Team to a team coaching day at Longwood, the training center of the US Olympic Team which is only 15 minutes away.   After that, we will have coaching support from  Lorraine, Laframboise, our Alberta HP coach, for the next event at the Florida Horse Park. 

Hopefully all is going well at home for all of you.  This is the time of year to train the basics and work hard on all the faults we want to improve.  Quiet winters do offer the luxury of time to train and school without the pressure of competition, so I hope you are working hard with Erin and I look forward to seeing your improvements when I get home.  The rider tests will be coming up soon and there is a lot to do to prepare.   I will be confirming the date with an evaluator soon and will make sure it is posted on the board.  Hannah is working hard and sends a big hello to everyone.   Even though it may be fun working in Florida, there are no days off here!

I do appreciate hearing from all of you.  My email responses may not be as timely as I would like since we are basically camping.  In order to access the internet, I have to take the laptop out to the barn alleyway where I can connect to the wireless network.  Generally that is late evening or early morning when we are not working horses or doing chores etc.  and it has often been  raining or cold in the last two weeks.  Yes, it gets cold here, not as cold as at home of course – but too cold and/or wet to sit outside with a computer on your knees in the dark!  Barns here are not built fully enclosed like they are at home, but open to the air usually with a roof.  Ventilation is considered more important here than insulation!

Take care everyone, we are thinking of you all, Tricia & Hannah


January 23, 2008

Hi to Everyone:
This year, I thought I would stay in touch with a short newsletter.    After making this long drive for so many years, I know that I prefer ones that do not have the element of adventure, so hoping for an uneventful trip, we set off Sunday morning.  The weather and roads were good until Saskatchewan where it was pretty much white knuckle all the way into Regina on ice.  We overnighted there in order to arrive at the US border when it opened on Monday.  That was the last night’s sleep for several days and we headed out in the morning with no problems getting through customs except that Barry lost his eggs.  I knew they don’t allow most things, so didn’t bother to take any groceries – actually,  I had no time to shop anyways.
Through North Dakota, Hannah drove for a short time to get experience in a less busy environment.   About 45 minutes later, we decided to switch back and of course fell behind the 2 other rigs we were travelling with.  In the course of catching up,  I was stopped for speeding, but fortunately the Highway Patrol realized I was travelling in convoy, and they sympathetically gave me only a $35.00 ticket!  Only in North Dakota!  
After that things went pretty well until we were almost through St. Louis.  Becky from the rig behind me radioed to say she saw my spare tire fall off and roll across 6 lanes of busy freeway.  I looked in the rearview and radioed back that I could still see my spare tire on it’s mount.  We stopped to look.  My entire left rear wheel was missing from the trailer!  That was quite a shock of course Since the studs were stripped off from the hub, this was more than just a simple flat tire, and would require so some real repairs.  We pulled off at the next exit and amazingly the first person I spoke to was a guy who worked at a tire shop who had just gotten off work and took us back to his shop  and fixed us up in no time.   All fixed again and heading down  the road again, it wasn’t more than 15 minutes later, a road sign had blown across the road in front of me and in heavy traffic it was impossible to avoid.  I hit the angle iron with a loud crash noise.   As I went to use my phone to alert the others who were further behind,  I realized I must have left it behind at the last stop and turned off the road.  A man signaled me frantically and as I rolled down the window, he told me I had 2 flat tires!!!  Crap!!!  Miraculously, however, he also worked at a tire shop and had just gotten off work!!!  Really –you can’t make this stuff up!  He called out the mobile unit and had us fixed up and back on the road in short order!  
The rest of the trip went smoothly enough.  No more overnight stops-we just pulled off the road when we were too tired to keep driving and napped until we were fresh enough to go on.  The horses all travelled very well and we arrived Wednesday night at the farm in Ocala.  The next several days were spent cleaning up the rigs, setting up our stalls and tack room and clipping horses.  We lunged the horses lightly yesterday and will finally get on today for a hack.  Then tomorrow it is full swing into the schooling schedule.  We have our first event in just a couple weeks on the 26th.  I’ll send another newsletter after that.  Meantime, I am just a mouse click or phone call away if anyone needs me.  My Edmonton cell phone is being forwarded down here and my usual email address will still contact me.  

Cheers, Tricia


October 24, 2007

What a great summer we have had!!!   We just got back home from the inaugural Aspen Farms Horse Trials at Jonathan and Suzy Elliott’s new farm in Yelm, Washington.  What a fabulous event!  They have just put in new courses from Beginner Novice to Prelim and will be adding an Inter mediate by June.  Legs (aka Soldato Alto) and Banker (Whata Bankroll) both went.  When I entered a bit late, Jonathan advised I probably wouldn’t get in as they were full.  However, a number of cancellations later, I found myself on the accepted list.  By this time, I felt slightly reluctant as the previous trip (20 hours driving one way) was still fresh in mind and I had had only 2 days at home in October due to attending the  Equine Canada Technical Delegate clinic in Maple Ridge right after getting home from the Northwest Fall Gala Horse Trials in Rainier, Washington the previous weekend.  Things were feeling a bit hectic! 

ship jumpI was so glad to have gone, however as the Aspen Farms Show was not only all I thought it would be, but is looking likely to become an important destination event.  The courses were challenging but so beautifully built, I could hardly wait to jump them.  Apparently my horses thought so too since they both jumped brilliantly. 

Legs was doing his second Training Horse Trials and only his 4th Horse trials in his career.  He felt like an advanced horse.  Despite the torrential rain that fell for the two days before the course, he was bold and balanced and fast without being crazy.  We were almost 30 seconds under time without even trying.  I could put him at the fences right where I wanted him and turn on a dime afterwards to take an inside line.  He loves his job and I’m still grinning from ear to ear.  He would go Prelim tomorrow – not that I really want to make another 20 hour drive right about now!  I’m anxious to move him up in Florida.

Banker has become quite settled and is tremendous fun to jump.  Although his dressage score was not good enough to place, he is really trying.  When he gets it right, he is very fancy!  He always goes clear in stadium and is making short work of the cross country at this level.  At a comfortable gallop, and balancing for all the fences, we were almost a minute fast!  It is time for him to move up as well!  He finished the event on his dressage score and is ready for Training very soon.


August 6, 2007

Montana Report-Rebecca Farm Horse Trials

The Sandridge Stables contingent has just arrived back from the Rebecca Farm World Cup Event in Montana.  I  took Amazing Legacy to his first CIC* and Theodora Leatherman from Washington has been up in Alberta training with me for the summer and she rode Butter II in the Training Division.  Cindy Brouwer from Rocky Mountain House and her horse Wharf also competed in the Training Division.    Theodora and Butter were placed 4th after dressage and sailed fault-free around the big  cross-country course.  They then produced a double clear show jump round to move up to 2nd for the final placing.  Cindy, rode her best dressage test yet and Wharf also ran beautifully around the cross-country course with no faults.  While the show jump course took it’s toll with many rails down, Cindy and Wharf produced another double clear to finish in 5th place overall.  What a well-deserved result for these two dedicated horse girls. 

While declared for the CCI since February, it was not certain that Legacy would run.  A change of division to the CIC* was necessary as it was not possible to ask him to run steeplechase and roads and tracks at this point.  With an abcess, followed up by a nasty overreach and then sore heels, it didn’t look as if he was going at all.  At the last possible moment, with farrier Ken Galbraith’s magic touch and some equithane pads, he got in the trailer to make the trip.   I had concerns that we had not been able to do the necessary homework on skinnies, corners etc, but we were entered, and it seemed a shame to miss the best event of the season for a little thing like that! 
Dressage schooling prior to competition day, went superbly, and I was expecting a good test, but with only a half hour warm up planned, things went awry when disappointingly, the water truck showed up for 20 minutes of it!  Legacy doesn’t like trucks of any kind, and still pouting in the ring, I could not get him to put in his best effort.
And how was Legacy cross-country?  A bit green, but Amazing! Although we had couple of misses on skinnies after drops, he really showed his stuff out there and galloped and jumped beautifully.  He made the big jumps feel like nothing more than canter strides and galloped easily around the track.  With a chance to put in place the schooling on the technical questions, he is going to be a fantastic cross-country horse!  As for soundness, I  had decided I would pull him immediately if anything seemed wrong, but he never looked back.   Despite very little work for the six weeks prior to the event, he came into the vet check with one of the best temperature and heart rates of any of the horses, prompting compliments about his conditioning program!!  He trotted up beautifully for the final jog, and finished the competition sounder than ever. 

With a few rails down in stadium, he completed his first CCI* and we will go home to work on the improvements.  We are planning on doing Twin Rivers and Galway in California this fall.  Now that I have seen how good he can be, I am going to work on putting it all together for the next event. 


July 21, 2007

Welcome to our new website, please contact us if you have any trouble, questions or comments.

Having just purchased the new farm last July, the past 12 months have been a blur of activity and good old fashioned nose-to-the-grindstone hard work. It has been very rewarding however to see the improvements on the farm take shape. The new fencing, waterers, landscaping and many barn renovations have made things much easier and more attractive. We have a full lesson schedule and show calendar and are still working on the many projects for the farm.

The outdoor arena is now in operation.  We have planned all weather footing so we can ride outdoors even in the nastiest weather! Other projects for this year include more paddocks, a bathroom in the barn, more box stalls, a manure composting facility, and improved lighting and heating for the fall.


Summer Season

Summer Season

A full eventing schedule is planned this year. Tricia will be competing Amazing Legacy at the Prelim level. They have declared for the CCI* at the World Cup Competition at Rebecca Farm in July. Legacy still needs one more qualifier for that and is scheduled to get that in at Millarville Horse Trials the end of June. He has come a very long way since Tricia got the ride on him on in mid-August where they did their first event together at Entry level! In less than one year, he has developed into a fine Prelim horse and looks set to move up quickly.

Three other Sandridge horses are getting started in their event careers, and look very promising. Banker, bred and partly owned by Harry McKenzie, came off the track last July, and really loves the jumping. His beautiful canter makes the jump easy and he is brave and careful at the same time - a great combination! He also has a half brother, Cache, who has also just gotten out into the eventing circles. Harrys thoroughbred stallion, Cache In has produced some promising eventing talent. Legs, a talented thoroughbred who came from Oregon and is partly owned by Mary Leatherman, is a lovely mover and has a great jump. A truly elegant and talented horse, he will be making his eventing debut at Millarville Horse Trials. Gabriello, a Swedish warmblood, (more about the horses on the sale page), will also be doing his first event soon. He has proven to be very brave and a great jumper along with that beautiful warmblood movement.


Current Events

Two lungeing clinics and a dressage clinic were hosted here at the farm and all were filled and had very positive feedback. The lungeing clinics were requested to be repeated, and there are plans to do another one later in the summer or fall. Watch for details.

With the show season well underway, Sandridge students have been out and doing well. Earlier in Florida, Tricia and Legacy brought home several ribbons and closer to home, many clients went to the local Fultonvale Mother's Day Classic Horse Show and all placed! The calendar is very busy, and more results will be available soon. Visitors should watch for the Sandridge Stables Champions plaque in the foyer where the exploits of our top equestrians will be showcased.


The Beaumont Horse Trials took place last weekend at the new Ag Society grounds. A hugely successful weekend, the courses were all designed by Tricia and riders from all over Alberta came to test their skills over the very interesting new fences. Trains, planes and automobiles might be the theme of the weekend, with one or more of the new and exciting styles of cross country jumps providing lots of spectator interest. One of the best things about the new venue is that the whole cross country course is viewable from the bleachers! Sandridge competitors were Amy Pyke on Takawana and Jaline Munkholm on Roy Lewellyn. Although neither placed in the ribbons, they both put in excellent clear cross country and stadium rides and have plans to work hard on dressage!


The Cochrane Horse Trials were well attended by Sandridge riders and all brought home a placing.  Jaline Munkholm took 5th in her Pre-Entry division.  Neva Broadhead and Peek placed 3rd in Entry Regular and Tricia and Banker also placed 3rd in Open Entry.  Cindy Brouwer from Rocky Mountain House, a long time Sandridge student, was 4th in the Training Division with Wharf and Theodora Leatherman riding Butter II, who is up from Washington to spend some time at Sandridge this summer was 5th inTraining.  Congratulations to everyone.

A large Sandridge Stables contingent is headed to Alhambra Stables August horse trials in Red Deer and hope to do well there.  Watch for results on this page.

Boarder of the Month for August:  Nadia Cruickshank.  She and her horse, Time were boarders here before Sandridge purchased the farm, and stayed on, delighted with the improvements.  Time is a paint gelding who was born on the property, and was here prior to even the previous owners.   He also likes the new program and Nadia said he has made it clear that he no intention of ever going anywhere else!

Don't forget that both Tudor Tack and A Ride in the Park Saddlery offer discounts to Sandridge Stables boarders. Stop in and visit them regularly to see what is new at the stores. Also based out of Sandridge Stables is Soul Purpose Massage Therapy. Danielle, our certified massage therapist is taking bookings directly. You can contact her at 780-974-1350. A multi talented woman, Danielle also does a great job of our monthly newsletter.

You can pick up a copy of our newsletter in the barn or at Edmonton and Sherwood Park tack and feed shops for more information on the happenings at Sandridge Stables and show and clinic dates etc.. Call or drop in to visit if you are interested in more information about our programs and boarding.

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