Sponsorship Opportunities

LegacyYou don’t have to be a rider to experience the thrill of taking your horse around a cross-country course or feel the victory of a great ride!

Get up close and personal as an owner and sponsor.  Athlete support in Canada is needed to help bring our competitors to the podium.  Dressage, stadium and cross-country- you can own a piece of it!  Owners are a valued partner in many competitive outcomes, and with a real stake in the performance of their riders, experience the action in a very personal and exciting way.

Owners of top level horses enjoy privileged access to international competitions.  At developing levels, owners and sponsors can take advantage of special tax deductions.  They also take a great sense of pride in the knowledge that they are essential to the progress and success of the horse and rider partnership.  Imagine how much fun it would be to walk the course with your rider and sit in the owners box at Rolex, or the Olympic Games!

Without owners and sponsors, the highest levels of the sport could not exist.  Contact Sandridge Stables to find out more about sponsorship opportunities and how to get in the game.


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